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The thought of putting a baseball field in the middle of nowhere and having fans come, like in the movie Field of Dreams, is like it used to be with websites. Everyone was rushing to put their “brochure” online in the form of an informational law firm website on the internet. Fear of not having a site was palpable. New businesses popped up overnight and got rich creating sites for business owners who did not have the time or skills to do the work themselves.   It seems that with every new technology there is a groundswell...

Oxford, NC – Lauren Black Currin, J.D., President of Lawyers Marketing Associates, Inc., today welcomed Jeff Nischwitz to the firm. Nischwitz will work with clients in four core areas: business development training and coaching, team and leadership development, law firm acceleration and execution, and law firm succession planning and future leader development.  “We have discovered over our years of working with law firms on strategy that many firms face challenges when it comes to leadership,” says Currin. “Jeff was a partner in a law firm before starting his own business as a business development coach. He understands...

Is every prospect who contacts you going to be a good fit with your firm? Unequivocally, no. In some cases, you may not offer the service that they need; the prospect may also be highly price sensitive – a commodity shopper. In others, the firm’s goals and focus might not be a good fit for the client’s. Then, too, are the cases that would require so much effort that the firm would end up losing money and should be declined on the basis of sound business practice. Ultimately, it is acceptable to turn away business...