It’s About Trust

Clients and business associates alike appreciate an authentic and personal approach. The Law Firm Best Practices Scorecard will help to identify where your firm has strengths and help you build your brand around what you do best. In many situations, clients are under stress when they hire an attorney. Make it easy for them. Be transparent and help them get to know your team and firm up front and throughout the legal process as you build trust.

The result? Clients and other law firms will recognize your strengths and respond to the authentic and honest approach. Ultimately, we want your clients to become brand ambassadors and promote your firm to others, leading to more referrals.

An Integrated Approach

Satisfied clients and sound professional relationships can mean quality referrals. We take an integrated approach to helping you improve processes that lead to a better client experience and grow your firm.

“It seems harmless. A small change that is off-brand may not seem to matter. Over time, however, it can dilute your brand and negatively impact the client experience. Stay authentic.”

Your marketing approach must also be integrated. Your brand, messaging, and strategies must remain consistent from your website, to social media, to video, and so on. And don’t forget the importance of consistent personal interaction.

Let’s Talk Growth
Lawyer Consultant Lauren Currin

Training Your Team is Critical to Success

Prospective clients learn about your brand beginning with the first visit to your website, phone call, or email. Every touch they receive from you must be on-brand and authentic. In many cases, that first contact is with a firm team member. Does your staff have the knowledge and training to ensure a seamless client experience? LMA will:

Share goals and success measures with your team so they understand what’s important

Provide brand guidelines for consistency

Engage team members to improve the process and the systems

Coordinate staff development and training to deliver the ultimate client experience

Share plans for accountability

We don’t assume every employee has the knowledge and skills needed to up your firm’s game…but we work to ensure they get the training they need to achieve your goals.