What’s Your Score?

And how does your firm stack up against similar firms? Find out with the LMA Scorecard. When we begin working with each client, we conduct an in-depth review and provide a score on 20 different categories. The combined score allows us to find your strengths and where there are gaps that need to be addressed. We then measure your firm against similar firms and see how well you are doing.

The Big 4 of the Big 5

The Scorecard measures four main categories (the “big four”) within five primary elements (the “big 5”), ranking the firm for each.

Element 1   |   Client Experience

How easy is it to do business with your firm? Are you giving your clients a “wow” experience? We review performance in four categories (and several sub-categories) to find out.

Element 2   |   Firm Development

Are you meeting your goals for the year? Do you even have goals? Setting goals and measuring performance is a must for any business. Find out how you are doing.

Element 3   |   Case Management

Are your processes and technologies working for you? If you are duplicating work because your systems are not in sync, your staff is wasting time.

Element 4   |   Strategic Marketing

Do you have a marketing/business development plan that supports your goals? How are your marketing tools and campaigns performing? From your website to social media to paid campaigns and more, we analyze effectiveness of your plan.

Element 5   |   Internal Development

Do you have a strategic growth plan? Do you offer professional and staff development? We take a holistic view of behind-the-scenes supporting processes to identify synergies and areas for improvement.

Once we have your score, we will collaborate with you to address any challenges and advise you on strategies, tools, and techniques to improve that score. We help you discover what you need and suggest the best resources for your firm.

The best of the best firms may achieve a perfect score. Not perfect yet? Don’t worry. We’ve got a plan to get you there!