Relationships Matter

You grow your business by building connections with people. This starts with your internal team, and expands to clients, business contacts, and the community. We help you grow your people, build sustainable supporting processes, and collaborate to develop synergies with some of the best resources in the legal industry based on your firm’s specific needs. Connections lead to new business opportunities. Hear what our clients have to say.


Being Great Requires Intent and Effort

Words don’t turn strategies into reality. It takes an honest situation assessment and a holistic approach to move the needle. LMA will help:

  • Define goals you want to achieve
  • Gain an understanding of where the firm is now and where the gaps are
  • Lay out a plan and strategies to reach your goals
  • Identify where connections exist or are lacking
  • Recommend resources right for your firm and needs
  • Collaborate with your team to implement the strategies
  • Measure success and adjust the strategies, as needed

As we complete our evaluation for the LMA Scorecard, we put everything under the microscope. Processes and procedures. People and technology. We look for synergies and options to improve. After all, we want you to be the best, too.

Competitive Advantage

What’s your strategy to grow your law firm? Does it revolve around providing clients with the ultimate client experience? Do your current systems and processes enable you to implement a client-focused strategy? Most law firm owners and managers we speak with struggle to define and consistently implement sustainable strategic plans – plans that support foundational growth and result in strong client and attorney referrals. You not only need to define growth strategies but connect the people and systems to deliver.

Lawyer to lawyer: We’ve been there, done that. Attorney Lauren Currin and her team help set the foundation and work the strategies for as long as you need.

LMA brings proven strategies to the table. Strategies that are customized for your firm to help give you a competitive advantage. We deliver the strategies and resources you need to build connections and grow your firm.

Work with Lauren to discuss your firm’s goals for growth. She will help you plot a strategy to reach the benchmarks you set and beyond.

Lawyer Consultant Lauren Currin