Strategic. Sustainable. Measurable. Custom Law Firm Development Plans.

You want strategic, sustainable, and measurable growth for your law firm. A skilled law firm development team can help make that happen. Lawyers Marketing Associates takes a personalized focused approach – lawyer to lawyer – to develop a powerful and unique firm development plan specific to your firm’s practice areas to help you achieve your business and growth goals. In addition, we put together a strategic marketing plan that will effectively and efficiently help you build your case load, tap into your referral network to maximize your conversion potential ultimately resulting in an increase in gross revenue Let’s get started now. When you partner with LMA, you’ll work directly with attorney and seasoned consultant Lauren Currin.


There is no one strategic roadmap that works for every law firm. What are your goals? Your firm’s strengths? How is your firm’s client experience? Your budget allocation? We will help you develop “the right plan” for your firm.


Strategies that are not easily implemented and tracked will not succeed. You have a law firm to run. Our goal is to recommend (and help implement, if needed) sustainable growth strategies that will continue to be implemented easily by your team going forward.


Are you measuring the wrong things? We can help you identify the key factors to drive growth and profitability, then track those relevant success measures. Why are you tracking unimportant data?

How We Work

We begin with our proprietary Law Firm Best Practices Scorecard. We perform a “deep dive analysis/360 degree/50 thousand feet up review” of every espect of your firm learning your firm’s strengths and identifying opportunities for improvement. We then help establish an exceptional client experience program that supports your firm’s current brand, develop sustainable internal and external processes that maximize technology, leverage local search engine optimization, enhance intake and potential client conversion methods and identify professional development opportunities for your team members.

By taking this data-driven approach, we eliminate guesswork and focus on specific, measurable tasks and processes that align your firm’s day-to-day activities with your stated long-term strategic goals. Nothing is left to chance. These detailed client-specific and focused firm development and strategic marketing plans are designed to bring about the results you are looking for.

Call the team at LMA today to get started. Attorney and marketing consultant Lauren Currin will work with you directly to develop and execute your law firm’s marketing goals.

LMA Is a Law Firm Marketing Team that Delivers Results. 



Are your work processes integrated? Are all team members trained to address client needs? If they are not (or you don’t know), how can you be sure your practice is running efficiently? LMA evaluates your current processes and identifies opportunities to improve, integrate, and automate the processes. *Is this repetitive? Or should it be inserted somewhere else? Just food for thought.


Referrals are important sources of business for most law firms. As we all know they are the least expensive way to get new clients and yet the clients that come from referrals are usually the highest quality cases. So, ask yourself, are you consistently cultivating your referral network? Does your staff have a process for acting quickly on referrals to convert them into clients? We help you maximize your referrals and grow your firm with a custom law firm development plan.


As the processes for effectiveness are defined and streamlined, we will work to ensure all team members are well trained to support the firm’s growth. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting everyone on board and rowing in the same direction. LMA can help make that happen.


When you hire Lawyers Marketing Associates to develop your law firm’s plan for growth, you work with attorney Lauren Currin. Give Lauren a call and get the conversation started. 


A Custom Approach to Growth

We understand every firm is unique. The LMA Scorecard is our starting point to discover what makes your firm tick. We identify what you do well and where you might need to improve. Some of the things we consider:

  • Are your processes simple, clear and easy to replicate? Are they sustainable?
  • Do you have and how well do you utilize your case management system?
  • Do you have a strategic marketing/ development plan?
  • How well is your website performing? Do you review your monthly reports and do you have regular communications with your digital marketing agency about more than just your Google Analytics?
  • Do you measure/track your various marketing/growth campaigns? How?
  • Are your various operating systems linked (i.e. case management, lead management, etc.?
  • How large is your firm? Do you have a budget?
  • What are your goals? Do you track them? Are you meeting them?

These are just a few of the questions we address before we collaborate with you on various strategies to improve your firm whileaddressing any of the challenges that have been revealed. We believe that each firm is unique. Therefore, we don’t just recommend one singleset of “standard universal tools”. We analyze what makes your firm special/individualized and suggest a law firm development plan that will work for specifically your firm. Our entire team is devoted entirely to providing and developing solutions to help you manage and grow your law firm.

Evaluating Law Firm: Costs & Eliminating Waste

There is no time like the present to strengthen your established processes that work and eliminate those that don’t. By identifying and removing wasted efforts and time “suckers”, and streamlining the cost and efficiency of activities that produce the best results, a powerful law firm development plan will enable you to get more done by strategically realigning your all of your firm’s resources.


Given the work-load of most law firms, there seems to be little time left over to review “processes & procedures” – the internal and external ways of doing the things that get repeated over and over. At some point, these become second nature to attorneys and staff and little thought is given to whether they could be made more efficient and produce better results.

Broken or inefficient processes frustrate employees and hamper growth. Processes are the foundation upon which a profitable law firm is built. They must be efficient, sustainable, repeatable, accountable, and measurable. We will help you get there.

Evaluating Law Firm: Talent For Strengths, Weaknesses & Gaps

With no interruption to legal work that must get done, our professionals talk to firm leaders, gather data, crunch numbers and evaluate the efficacy of your law firm’s efforts to attract new clients, build brand awareness and compete effectively in an extremely over-crowded legal market. We evaluate whether your case management system is being utilized effectively and whether it is integrated with your intake process and going one step further, your CRM process. We evaluate process performance by measuring return on investment, conversion rates and gross revenue per practice area.

We examine your intake process and make note of how phones are answered, whether demographic and referral information is captured, and whether clients are asked if they’d like to be communicated with via phone, text or email. We look for strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your processes and your talent. Ultimately reviewing and evaluating your firm’s overall client experience from start to finish (long after the client has been a client).

Armed with this data,professional knowledge and many years of experience, LMA will work closely with your law firm’s leaders to craft a unique firm development plan that identifies process gaps and opportunities and will make strategic recommendations that are specific to your unique law firm.


Sometimes even an excellent staff needs additional professional development or training to improve their processes & procedures in order to achieve better results for the client. They could also need development on the newest products and services available (the world of technology changes daily). Through our analysis and knowledge of best practices, LMA can make recommendations for off-site staff training opportunities and/or provide virtual training sessions for staff to launch new processes or modify existing ones. We can create scripts for answering the phone and capturing caller data. Scripts can also be provided to after-hours answering services to make them consistent with your firm’s brand messaging.

In this way, your strategic law firm development plan is more than a nice looking “document” – it is an actionable series of simple steps that are implemented by existing attorneys and staff to produce the results and ultimately the goals you seek to achieve. LMA will be with you every step of the way as you implement these new practices. But, is ready to let you fly solo as soon as you believe you and your team are ready. It isn’t our goal to keep you tied to us. We start off with the goal of setting you up (helping you build your foundation), so you and your team can do this all on your own.

When you invest in your team, you invest in the profitability of your firm. Expertly trained employees translate into a more efficient team and ultimately into to higher client satisfaction.


There are a lot of software programs out there that can help law firms manage cases, optimize their intake process and convert leads into clients. LMA will review your needs and recommend the software programs that fit best your law firm. We’ll also make sure that your software programs are “talking” to each other. We can get you started with new technology and help your staff get comfortable using them.

We also have years of experience and many industry relationships which allow us to make valuable recommendations for necessary website revisions as well as online marketing development and enables us to share the latest information regarding Google algorithms and social media campaigns that will improve your firm’s SEO strategy and overall rankings. This includes selecting keywords for content that are “unique & boutique” which will differentiate your law firm. We can also offer ideas for law firm blogs, published articles and other online marketing strategies.

When the right technology is used the right way, it can ensure your processes are streamlined and efficient. We can analyze and identify the most beneficial technologies for your law firm’s grow plan.


We always keep in mind that profitability is an important law firm goal. Even the most advanced ideas are not necessarily good ones if they don’t help boost revenue and contribute to increased firm profitability. We keep your law firm’s financial goals at the forefront of every plan and decision when we evaluate processes and strategies, and we always factor in the firm’s 1/3/5-year gross revenue goals. We ask ourselves the following:

Are all your practice areas profitable? Are you missing others that might be a natural fit? We can help you refine your practice to increase your overall profitability and achieve your short- and long-term revenue goals.

Law Firm “Pricing”: Profitability & Project Management

We look at your firm’s overall “pricing” matrix and help establish profitability targets for every practice area based upon their revenue receipt. With effective project management, there can be ways to enhance profitability goals.

In addition, we review whether your law firm has a community involvement campaign and the depth of the foundation you have established to support it. Does your firm conduct surveys in the community to inquire why/why not they would/wouldn’t hire your firm? This is our a “perception vs. reality” analysis, where we look at how key firm members perceive themselves vs. how clients, colleagues and members of the community perceive them. Often it is very eye opening.

Law Firm Planned & Strategic Growth: Mergers and Acquisitions

LMA’s extensive years of experience with a wide variety of law firms in various stages of growth and development allows them the ability to advise law firms as they consider mergers with other law firms and acquisitions by helping create strategies for growth by acquiring other law firms. Because it has not been a part of our “training or education” to think about the end of our tenure as a practicing attorney, we find it difficult to develop any plan for the future of our firm and ourselves. Because this need is as important, if not in many ways, more important, we can create strategic plans for the eventual retirement and transitioning of firm members. LMA has the experience and understanding to advise on all law firm transitions and has the extensive knowledge and relationships to put together the right team to help make these transitions happen smoothly.


Benchmarking is an important part of what we do. We benchmark against legal industry standards as well as your local competition. It’s a way of sizing up how your firm is performing compared to other firms of your same size and case intake volume. We believe the key Information is power. Once you have thorough, consistent and reliable competitive data, you can act and plan strategically.

Have you ever wondered how your firm stacks up against others? Having worked with many firms over the years, we have developed a “resource bank” that allows us to accurately compare your firm to similar firms in the industry.

Reporting, Tracking & Measuring

One of the key assets we have developed is a report that allows us to identify ways that your existing processes & procedures, website and other online digital marketing efforts and all of your offline marketing are working (and how they are working together). Ultimately showing is the areas where this need improvement and where you currently have strengths This report allows us to focus on ways to eliminate wasted efforts and dollars. It’s a document that you can keep on hand and refer back to again and again as you move forward with the newly developed recommendations/solutions, new technology and staff training. It’s a snapshot of where you are and a roadmap to where you want to go.

We also help you with measurements. Are your business development efforts getting results? We help you identify and track key performance indicators to measure success and report the results.

A Partnership That Works

LMA partners with its clients to achieve their best results. We work beside you, not in a separate think tank environment that provides lofty, no hands-on experience suggestions without practical implementation. We understand that a strategic marketing plan is only as good as the elements that are immediately actionable and have measurable results.

You want strategic, sustainable, and measurable growth for your law firm. A skilled law firm development team can help make that happen. Lawyers Marketing Associates takes a personal approach – lawyer to lawyer – to develop a powerful client experience focused firm development plan specific to your firm’s. With the right processes and procedures, technology and benchmarking, you will generate results that increase your bottom line. Our experience and knowledge can help make that happen. When you work with LMA, you have a partner in attorney Lauren Currin. Let us take your firm to the next level.