Strategic. Sustainable. Measurable. Custom Law Firm Marketing Plans.

You want strategic, sustainable, and measurable growth for your law firm. Lawyers Marketing Associates takes a personal approach – lawyer to lawyer – to develop a law firm marketing plan specific to your firm to help you achieve your goals. Build your case load, tap your referral network, and maximize your conversion potential.

We begin with our proprietary Law Firm Best Practices Scorecard, learning your firm’s strengths and identifying opportunities for improvement. We then help develop sustainable processes that maximize technology, and identify professional development opportunities for your team members.


There is no strategic roadmap that works for every law firm. What are your goals? Your firm’s strengths? Your client’s expectations? Your budget? We help you develop the right plan for your firm.


Strategies that are not easily implemented and tracked will not succeed. You have a law firm to run. Our goal is to recommend (and help implement, if needed) sustainable growth strategies.


Are you measuring the wrong things? We can help you identify the key factors to drive growth and profitability, then track those relevant success measures. Why track unimportant data?

These processes are designed to improve the client experience, increasing client satisfaction and referrals; build connections and develop synergies; and grow your firm. Want to learn more?


Are your work processes integrated? Are all team members trained to address client needs? If they are not (or you don’t know), how can you be sure your practice is running efficiently? LMA evaluates your current processes and identifies opportunities to improve, integrate, and automate the processes.

Referrals are key sources of business for most law firms. We help you maximize your referrals and grow your firm with a custom law firm marketing plan.

As the processes are defined and streamlined, we will work to ensure all team members are well trained to support the firm’s growth.


A Custom Approach to Growth

We understand every firm is unique. The LMA Scorecard is our starting point to discover what makes your firm tick. We identify what you do well, and where you might need to improve. Some of the things we consider:

  • Are your processes simple and easy to replicate – in other words, sustainable?
  • How do you utilize your case management system?
  • What marketing/business development are you currently doing?
  • How is your website performing?
  • What success measures (if any) do you have in place?
  • Are your operating systems linked?
  • How large is your firm? And your budget?
  • What are your goals? Are you meeting them?

These are just a few of the questions we address before we collaborate with you on strategies to improve the firm and address any challenges. We don’t just recommend a set of standard tools. We analyze what makes your firm special and suggest a law firm marketing plan that will work for you. Our firm is devoted entirely to providing solutions to help you manage and grow your law firm.