Measurable Results

What does success mean to you? An expertly trained staff, sustainable processes, and strategic marketing will grow your firm. We will work with you to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure your return on investment.

Web Traffic? Referrals? Phone Calls?

For most law firms, the ultimate measure of success is a profitable firm. But what drives that profitability? It is not just one element, but a combination that gives you the results you want. Ultimately, it’s about building relationships, but you’ve got to reach potential clients before you can take the next steps.

“LMA has been a valuable resource to us and continues to help us focus on where we can improve and how we can do it.” ~Ronda Holloway – WARD BLACK

Do prospects who download your latest book or article convert to clients? Is your TV ad driving callers to your tracking number? Have referrals from other law firms increased year-over-year? LMA helps you pinpoint the best measures and finds ways to track the data through the process. Then we collaborate with you to adjust your plan to take advantage of what we have learned.

Ready to Grow?
Lawyer Consultant Lauren Currin

Want to Do It Yourself?

Lawyers Marketing Associates will collaborate with you throughout the process. Once the strategies are developed, we provide as much (or as little) help as you want – from fully implementing and measuring the new strategies, to handing you “the keys” and letting your team drive.

Customized support levels

We train your team

You choose when or how much the firm will take on

We are here for you as you grow your firm.