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[caption id="attachment_1168" align="alignleft" width="300"] Have You Thought About Your Firm's "Experience" Lately?[/caption] I know you’ve heard me use the words “client experience” so much that you’re probably thinking, Lauren do you know any other words?  The answer is “NO”.  For me (and should be for you), “client experience” is THE cornerstone of everything that you do in your practice.  Or, it should be.  It should be the focus of every decision you make with regards to your strategic planning, your marketing plan, your budgeting, EVERYTHING.  Your firm is nothing without clients, therefore your firm is nothing...

As Neil Murray mentioned in his guest blog today, distracted driving is an ongoing concern and has the potential to impact all of us. If you manage a law firm - especially one focused on personal injury - ending distracted driving is one of those issues that you may want to champion by becoming a safety advocate. The National Safety Council and FocusDriven team up each April to promote National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. For 2011, they are having a video contest to raise awareness. Participants submit a 3-minute video on distracted driving (due by March 31)....