Law Firms May Get a Better Response from More Emotional Advertising
You want the right balance of information and emotion in your advertising and marketing materials. Too much information and the audience may lose interest. Too much emotion and you won’t be taken seriously. A recent study found that for expensive purchases, a more emotional approach yielded a better result. For lower-cost purchases, more information resulted...
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Law Firm Marketing Strategies
Top 4 Law Firm Marketing Strategies
Each law firm has unique marketing needs impacted by multiple factors. The ideal structure of your marketing should be developed with the help of a law firm marketing consultant. However, there are some strategies that are a good fit for most law firms looking to expand their marketing reach. We offer four great ideas to...
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marketing personalization
Four Steps to Personalization – Plan Your Work and Work on Your Plan
LMA works with clients to create an effective strategic marketing plan and helps them put it into action. Properly executed, it will help you build brand awareness, trust, and credibility; improve conversion rates; and skyrocket your ROI. When the plan properly matches your firm’s abilities with the market’s wants and needs, the sky’s the limit....
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Lawyers Marketing Associates
How Much Should a Law Firm Spend on Marketing?
How much a law firm should spend on marketing depends on factors such as the particular type of law you practice and the competitiveness in your surrounding area. In general, competition for clients is increasing for most lawyers, so it is more important than ever to budget for marketing to attract and maintain clients. Since...
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