Running Your Law Firm as a Business
The Fundamentals of Running Your Law Firm as a Business
You’re providing a professional service, but your firm essentially acts like a business. You’re selling that service, and like other service providers, you need to make a profit to survive. A successful firm has many moving parts. LMA can help you make sure you have all the necessary parts and they’re working smoothly. LMA partners...
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Working At A Computer | Lawyers Marketing Associates
Essential Growth Information for Law Firms as the Economy Reopens
As you already know, law firms have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, but growth opportunities for law firms are not completely gone.  In time, and with a safe and strategic economic reopening strategy, there will be positive movement forward.    With a sound strategy and strong, knowledgeable and experienced implementation, you will find yourself in...
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What Is Your “Experience”? – Creating a WOW Client Experience
Have You Thought About Your Firm’s “Experience” Lately? Recently I found myself in a very unusual situation.  I found myself as the patient and potentially the client in a medical malpractice law suit.  So, in order to make a very long story short, suffice it to say, my perspective and my life have been VERY...
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