There is no lack of consultants in our stay-at-home, “gig economy,” but what does a law firm consultant do? A consultant is someone with expertise who is hired to address a specific problem. Our law firm consultants have the knowledge and experience to provide your firm with expert consulting services when needed, and without the costs and legal issues that come from having an employee.

Legal Marketing Associates (LMA) offers our clients strategic marketing solutions for today’s lawyers. LMA allows attorneys and firm management to focus on what they do best – helping clients. LMA provides a much higher level of knowledge and experience with marketing than most attorneys have.

We can be part of your law firm’s team. Attorneys, depending on their areas of practice, rely on all kinds of people. They might be accountants, accident reconstruction experts, physicians, IT experts, or engineers. Add to that list a law firm consultant like our team at Legal Marketing Associates and we will help make sure new clients come through your door today and tomorrow.

You Won’t Know Where to Go Until You Know Where You Are

We’ve developed the LMA Scorecard to determine how well you are doing and how much help you need in various areas. Just like a legal client, you can’t solve your problems until you know what they are. The Scorecard is the foundation of our recommendations to grow your firm.

Today’s legal clients are educated and have high expectations. The LMA Scorecard reviews many elements of:

  • Client Experience
  • Firm Development
  • Case Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Internal Development.

We look at your score and those of other firms of the same size and type. Thanks to these comparisons, we’re better able to give you recommendations according to your score.

Effective Marketing Can Be the Difference Between a Successful and a Struggling Law Firm

How well does your marketing bring in new clients? What return are you getting on your marketing investment? If you don’t know, you may be throwing your money away. What is the role of a law firm consultant? To put together effective, strategic, targeted marketing. LMA can help you:

  • Judge your website’s effectiveness
  • Review your current marketing strategies
  • Measure the effectiveness of your referral programs
  • Suggest new and better strategies that fit your budget.

No matter your firm’s size, how long it’s been open, or your areas of practice, we can come up with creative options that will benefit you and your law firm.

What is the Role of a Law Firm Consultant? To Come Up with Ways to Measure Success and Create More of It.

Hopefully, your firm is profitable. Do you know why? It is not just one element, but a combination, that gives you results. Developing clients to increase profitability is all about building relationships, which won’t start until they learn about you.

  • Are e-books or articles downloaded from your website? If so, are readers becoming clients?
  • Do viewers of your TV ads or billboards call your tracking number?
  • Over the years, who sent you referrals? Are they increasing or decreasing?

LMA helps firms determine the best ways to measure their marketing successes and failures. We find ways to track the data through the client development process, then work with you to change, refine, and improve your approach based on what we learned.

What Does a Law Firm Consultant Do? Craft Your Brand.

We Can Craft the Right Messaging and Shape Your Client Experience So Your Law Firm Can be More Profitable.

Anyone considering retaining an attorney appreciates an authentic and personal approach. Many seek your help because they’re in a stressful situation. Make it easy for them to be a client. Be transparent and help them get to know your team as you build trust, which is critical to an attorney-client relationship.

Your clients and other law firms will appreciate your strengths and respond to your authentic and honest approach. Word of mouth is the most effective kind of advertising. Your clients should be brand ambassadors, promote your firm to friends and family, leading to more referrals, and your law firm will be more successful.

Satisfied clients and solid professional relationships can result in quality referrals. We can help you improve your clients’ experience so that they’ll be happy to tell others about you. “Staying on brand” is a marketing term for something we should all know instinctively. If you want to attract and maintain clients, your messaging must be authentic, positive, and consistent. That’s true whether it’s on a website, an e-mail, social media, a presentation, or a meeting with a prospect.

Mixed messages can lead to confusion and doubt. Every connection must be on-brand and genuine. Few law firm staffs have the knowledge and training to create a seamless client experience. We provide that through:

  • Sharing goals and ways to measure success so everyone knows what’s important
  • Branding guidelines that guide consistency
  • Engagement with your staff so your processes and systems will improve
  • Staff development and training to deliver the best client experience.

We don’t assume your employees have the skills and knowledge to improve your firm’s success, and neither should you. What is the role of a law firm consultant? It’s not just plans and words — it’s taking action. We will work with you to ensure your employees can provide a positive client experience they’ll be happy to share.

What Makes a Successful Law Firm?

Building, managing, and maintaining a successful law firm is not easy. It takes time and effort. At Lawyers Marketing Associates, we can ease your burden by helping organize your firm in every area necessary for success. We can show you your options and make recommendations to grow your law firm.  Concentrate on your clients and handling legal matters. Let us worry about the rest. It’s what we do.

Contact LMA today at (919) 637-9144. Let’s get started making your law firm the success it can and should be.