improve profitability
How to Improve Law Firm Profits
You can improve law firm profits in any number of ways. Depending on your situation, you may have several issues that are causing problems. You need to step back and diagnose the issues, then prioritize what you should do when. Lawyers Marketing Associates (LMA) can help you determine the underlying problems, choose the right solutions,...
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Cutting law firm costs
How to Cut Law Firm Costs and Generate More Income
If your practice has suffered because of the COVID-19 pandemic, how to cut law firm costs is no longer something to consider. You need to do it. If your firm is on solid ground as the pandemic grinds on, cutting costs will improve your bottom line. With the right kind of cost-cutting, you could save...
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Referral Network
How to Cultivate Your Attorney Referral Network
Attorney referrals are key to your law firm’s success. They can be a prospect pipeline that can keep you busy now and for years into the future. This kind of network must be seeded, nurtured, and fed before the clients ripen and you can reap your harvest. A referral network requires an ongoing commitment that...
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Running Your Law Firm as a Business
The Fundamentals of Running Your Law Firm as a Business
You’re providing a professional service, but your firm essentially acts like a business. You’re selling that service, and like other service providers, you need to make a profit to survive. A successful firm has many moving parts. LMA can help you make sure you have all the necessary parts and they’re working smoothly. LMA partners...
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Lawyers Marketing Associates
How Much Should a Law Firm Spend on Marketing?
How much a law firm should spend on marketing depends on factors such as the particular type of law you practice and the competitiveness in your surrounding area. In general, competition for clients is increasing for most lawyers, so it is more important than ever to budget for marketing to attract and maintain clients. Since...
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Working At A Computer | Lawyers Marketing Associates
Essential Growth Information for Law Firms as the Economy Reopens
As you already know, law firms have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, but growth opportunities for law firms are not completely gone.  In time, and with a safe and strategic economic reopening strategy, there will be positive movement forward.    With a sound strategy and strong, knowledgeable and experienced implementation, you will find yourself in...
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