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The thought of putting a baseball field in the middle of nowhere and having fans come, like in the movie Field of Dreams, is like it used to be with websites. Everyone was rushing to put their “brochure” online in the form of an informational law firm website on the internet. Fear of not having a site was palpable. New businesses popped up overnight and got rich creating sites for business owners who did not have the time or skills to do the work themselves.   It seems that with every new technology there is a groundswell...

As the end of 2017 is fast approaching, (yes it will be here before you know it, Christmas is just around the corner) we all need to take a long look at our “to do” lists for 2018 and then really start planning for the New Year.  For those of you who attended PILMMA in September, you are a little bit ahead of the game – you’ve already started this process.  Your minds are racing and you’ve hopefully already started taking many of the millions of ideas that you learned in Nashville back to your...

With PILMMA just around the corner, there is no time like the present to set your GPS for the “yellow brick road” to New Orleans.  It will definitely get you and your law firm heading in the right direction with regards to firm development and marketing.  Too often we take for granted our firm development destination and only know that we are “off to see the Wizard.”  We don’t necessarily know who that wizard truly is, and we aren’t always willing to ask.  Never be afraid to ask, you will be surprised at how many...

I recently went to PILMMA (Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association) Spring Summit in Atlanta. The trees and plants in Atlanta were all about 2 weeks ahead of the plants in NC and it was beautiful! The winter of 2010 is finally OVER! There were about 110 attorneys from across the US all talking about the state of the country, “post” recession (not really – “post”), how they had fared, how things were going in 2011 so far, taxes, where they felt they were headed and what seemed to be in the forecast for...