This is the question you should be asking of your marketing firm. No, seriously. You should be asking them, “Beyond simply placing our television buys or creating a pretty “brand”, what else have you done for me lately?” Are they just thinking “outside of the box”, or are they “redrawing the lines of the box, maybe even creating a circle or a square?” In these tough economic times, your marketing firm should be doing more, reaching further and digging deeper to help grow your practice and get you more clients. Here are just a few of the ideas that my partners and I have used for our clients that really seem to be working.

Client Relationship Marketing is HUGE – We’ve all said it a hundred times – but it always bears repeating. They are already your clients. You’ve already spent the money to market to them and they’ve already picked YOU! Follow up with them. Stay in touch with them. Continue the conversation. Keep the relationship going. It is far less expensive to keep talking than it is to start a new conversation with a new potential client. There are so many inexpensive ways to “market” to your current and past clients. Try sending out quarterly newsletters, e-newsletters, blogging, communicating via Facebook and other social media, client appreciation days, and the list goes on and on!

Public Relations campaigns can really get you in the public eye – PR can be one of your most valuable and least expensive ways to market your law firm. If you are active in the community, talk about it. Have your marketing firm send out press releases. If you play in a charity golf tournament, send out a press release and post it on your Facebook page. You should also be posting all such events and involvements on your website and putting them in your newsletters. It is ok to toot your own horn! People like to work with people who help others and are involved in the world.

Attorney/Professional Referral campaigns aren’t just about the “Good ‘Ole Boys” anymore – your marketing firm should help you develop an attorney and/or professional referral campaign. Chiropractors, doctors, those who provide services to SSD recipients are all great potential resources for new business. Find attorneys who practice in other areas than your firm and develop a reciprocal referral agreement. Offer to partner up with them on a newsletter or to give them copies of your newsletter that they can give to their patients/clients that is full of educational information. Offer to team-up with them on a book – help make them an “expert” too. There are countless ways to make these relationships work – be creative!

So, the next time you meet with your marketing director or your marketing firm’s account executive – ask them – What have you done for me lately?