At this time of year we are often so overwhelmed with the personal aspects of our lives.  If we’re lucky, we get a chance amidst the chaotic holiday schedule to reflect on how truly fortunate we are, how blessed our family is, the wealth we have in family and friends and how lucky we are to lead happy and healthy lives.  I believe these are all crucial parts of being part of society and even more being human.  It is important to reflect on all of these things and be truly thankful for them.

What I want to take a minute to think about, though, is how we got to be so fortunate.  We do work hard.  We did make it through 3 years of law school with or without student loans, and of course with the unwavering support of our family and friends.  But, now we have become who we are and we are able to live the lives we do today because of some other amazing people – our clients.  I wonder how many of us truly show them how “thankful” we are for them.  Of course we’re not thankful that they were hurt on the job, injured in an auto accident, are forced to endure the tragedy of a divorce or even the heartbreak of losing a loved one.  But, we are thankful that they picked us.  They give us the opportunity to be at our best and do what we love every day.  They place their trust in us for such important life matters, not knowing what the outcome will be.  How often do you thank them?  In what ways do you thank them?  In my opinion, no thanks is ever enough.

What is even more amazing to me is that after they have picked us to help them, they usually would pick us again, and do.  And, they pick us again for their family and friends.  How often are we thankful for that?  How do we let them know how much we appreciate what that means to us?  Lastly, there are the other colleagues who think enough of us to refer a client to us.  Whether it’s an old law school buddy or a lawyer whose respect you’ve earned out in the field, it’s still important to take the time to say thank you.

Remember, the key to a meaningful thank you comes from its sincerity.  If it is heartfelt and given from one individual to another (not just a generic company card), then it will be received as meaningful. Gifts are nice, trinkets are flashy and will get you noticed, but a handwritten note that is timely, succinct and sincere will express a true thanks better than any other measure.

And now, thanks to you all, my clients, for the pleasure you give me to help you grow and develop your firms every day.  I love my work.  I enjoy my clients.  I know that it is because of you that I have a wonderful life and can enjoy the joys of my family.  This holiday season and all throughout the year – thank you for all that you bring to my life.