What’s Your Story?

There’s a story about how Lawyers Marketing Associates, Inc. was born. And, I tell my story all the time. I tell it on my website, in my client kit, in my elevator speech, in my bio, anywhere anyone will let me or listen! Why? Because it helps my potential clients connect with me. The goal in telling my firm’s story is to show people that I personally know what it feels like to build a firm having been in their shoes as a former attorney, and then doing it daily as an internal marketing director for a law firm, I know exactly how they feel.  And that it CAN be done. I tell my story so that I can try and convince people that if I can do it – so can they.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then you have to connect with people on a deeper level. It’s not enough to tell people about the features of your service. Believe it or not, they really don’t care that your client service is better than the firm down the street. Or that you can get them a better settlement – REALLY they don’t.

And, preaching the benefits your clients will receive when they hire you as their lawyer isn’t even enough anymore. Although focusing on benefits is an important part of marketing, your prospects need a reason to believe that you will improve their lives.

Nowadays, in this crazy, competitive world you need to connect your story to your prospect’s problems. It’s important that you show them that you have experienced what they are experiencing and that you know exactly what they are going through.

You need to connect to their pain on a truly emotional level, show them the solution and convince them to take action. You need to let them know that you can feel their pain, know what keeps them up at night and that you have got it.

We all have a story to tell.  Here’s a simple 5-step process in order to use your story to add power and pizazz to your marketing:

1) Discover the personal story hidden behind your firm. Why did you start your firm? What problems are you trying to eliminate? What hurdles did you need to overcome.

2) Tell your story authentically and with passion. Obviously, your story needs to be a true rendition of what you personally experienced as a firm owner. If you are passionate about your story, your prospects will be passionate about your story.

3) Connect your story to your prospect’s pain points. It’s vital that your story zeroes in on the problems that your prospects are currently facing. Your story should create an immediate and lasting bond between you and your prospects.

4) Show them the solution. It’s important that once you connect to your prospect’s pain, that you immediately show them how to alleviate this pain. Show them that you have personally discovered the solution and, as a result, your problem has been solved.

5) Convince them to take action. Once you share your story, what do you want your prospects to do? Should they call a 1-800 number? Visit your website for more information? Or make a purchase? Each time you share your story, make it incredibly easy for your prospect to take the next step.

Connection is one of the main tools for the client to the law firm. So, connect with your prospects and your clients on a deeper level by sharing the story behind your law.