Oxford, NC – Lauren Black Currin, J.D., President of Lawyers Marketing Associates, Inc., today welcomed Jeff Nischwitz to the firm. Nischwitz will work with clients in four core areas: business development training and coaching, team and leadership development, law firm acceleration and execution, and law firm succession planning and future leader development. 

“We have discovered over our years of working with law firms on strategy that many firms face challenges when it comes to leadership,” says Currin. “Jeff was a partner in a law firm before starting his own business as a business development coach. He understands how a successful law firm should be operated and is able to work with clients to communicate and coach them on developing best practices to improve the success of their firms. Adding Jeff to the LMA team gives us an additional resource to work with clients in key areas related to business development and leadership.”

“I am excited to join the Lawyers Marketing Associates team,” says Nischwitz. “Many law firm owners and managers get so wrapped up in the practice of law that they forget they need to be leaders. We can help them take that step back and assume the mantle of leadership that is so critical to the long-term health and success of the firm. We also know that law school didn’t teach us the business skills we need to build a law firm, and we bring a business and outside perspective that will help law firms achieve their objectives.” In addition to building his own successful law firm, Nischwitz has acted as a business coach, relationship builder, and business development professional in non-law businesses, giving him a unique perspective and approach in bringing real business skills to lawyers and law firms. Jeff is also a national speaker on the topics of professional business development, team effectiveness and execution, and transformational leadership.

Lawyers Marketing Associates, Inc. is dedicated to law firm development, growth and marketing through strategic analysis and planning. The firm was founded in 2009 as Lawyers Marketing Agency, LLC and is based in Oxford, North Carolina.

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