The holidays are a whirlwind for most people, especially for law firms who have to balance the demands of their personal lives and the needs of their clients. So when the trees, wreaths and garland comes down and you ring the New Year, the slower pace can cause you to end up in a rut unless you make the most of the downtime.

January doesn’t have to mean the beginning of the winter funk when you have a shift from the excitement of the holidays to the January and February “days of winter”. Here are some thoughts about how to make your 1st quarter a productive one rather than an overwhelming and dull one:

  • Reconnect with employees and clients alike – make a list of proactive action items that will allow you to “touch base” with your clients.  Have staff lunches so that you can bring your staff together to “reconnect” and get started on the right foot.
  • Schedule employee retreats – Schedule staff/attorney retreats so that you can discuss the plans for the year and get off to a great start (and get everyone’s “buy in”).  Make sure these include budget plans and goals.  Remember – they can’t achieve goals they don’t know about!
  • Develop partnerships – Reach out to other firms and attorneys to develop referral partnerships.  Look at the holiday cards you have received, are there any you don’t have a great referral relationship with? Do the same with all of the professional entities your received holiday cards from. In addition, make a list of clients (remember they are your goldmine just waiting to be tapped in to) that may be a good “relationship” that you haven’t cultivated. You might be surprised at how many of your clients are waiting to help you!
  • Tap into your creativity – Making action item lists can really boost your creativity.  Let there be a free flow of ideas.  Just write down everything that comes to mind.   Think of ideas that you have seen others do that you might want to emulate. Then sift through them and prioritize.  What can you implement alone?  What do you need assistance with?  Who can help you?  Do you need someone to hold you accountable?

Have you ever considered that all of this might not only reconnect you and stimulate your creativity, but it just might revitalize your brand at the same time?  Just think about the “new” commitment your clients, fellow attorneys and staff will have now that you have reinvested in your relationships with them.  In addition, you will have recommitted to your firm and its brand by brainstorming the new ideas for its growth and success. It will be like giving your “brand” a shot in the arm.  Instead of feeling a slump it will be a pump!

Words to live by: Success ~If you want to be successful it’s just this simple.  Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing. – Will Rogers

Here’s to an amazing jump start to 2016!