Lawyers Marketing Agency today announced their new user-friendly website…

Research Triangle Park, NC – Oxford-based Lawyers Marketing Agency, LLC (LMA) unveiled its new user-friendly website today. The site was designed in partnership with vitalink, a Raleigh-based creative + strategic marketing think tank.

The site is built on a self-service platform which enables the staff at Lawyers Marketing Agency to make site modifications and easily add content to maintain current and relevant information for customers and prospects. “We are really excited about the new website,” says Lauren Black, President of LMA. “The site presents our law firm marketing services in an easy to navigate format and provides users with the ability to sign up for an e-newsletter or quickly email questions. Behind the scenes tracking will allow us to see how visitors are using our site so we’ll be able to make future improvements to meet their needs.”

LMA has partnered with vitalink for the past several years. “In these days of specialization, having a partner that provides a complement to our marketing offerings just makes business sense. My background as an attorney and law firm marketing manager provides industry focus that is complemented by the depth of expertise at vitalink on the creative and technical side,” says Black. She adds, “It was wonderful to describe what we needed for the new website and have it just be done!” Jeanne Frazer, President of vitalink, expounds, “vitalink and LMA share a common philosophy—that the most effective vendor/client relationship is a true partnership. Both firms come from a place of service and integrity, making it easy to work toward a common goal of client success.”

Lawyers Marketing Agency was founded by Lauren Black, a former attorney. The firm offers a combination of marketing and legal expertise to provide strategic marketing solutions for today’s lawyers. LMA is located in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina and serves the legal marketing needs of clients nationwide.