June 2013
Client Service from the Inside Out

I was talking to a client the other day and we were discussing the implementation of yet another “client satisfaction survey”. This would not have been their first appeal to their clients for feedback regarding their level of service, but their third! And, yet one more opportunity for a set of potentially disappointing results ~ UGH! So, I begin to think. What could be causing this less than desirable level of client service and this history of low client satisfaction? And, more importantly why weren’t they able to turn this pattern around? Were they really paying attention to the results they were getting from the feedback in the client surveys? Were they even asking for the right feedback (i.e. asking the right questions to start with?) Were they acting on this feedback or simply checking this off their “to do list” that they conducted the surveys?

To Do List
Success tip for the reluctant: Start with just one step
You can’t procrastinate your way to success, but sometimes you just don’t feel like tackling that big project in front of you no matter how awesome you expect it to be. Instead of taking an extended coffee break, though, try this technique: Do just one step.
Commit to just part of the project: Gathering some preliminary information, calling one person, or figuring out what tools you need. Once you’ve completed that task, give yourself permission to do something else. In many cases, you once you’ve begun you’ll be more inclined to keep on working. Even if you don’t, you’ll be one step closer to success when you come back to the task later.
“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”
-Babe Ruth
Man looking up at a mountain
Don’t let your fears scare away success
Even the most successful people feel fear sometimes. They just don’t let it overcome them. You can learn to control your fear and achieve your goals by following this advice:

  • Explore your memories. Look back over your career. What situations have made you feel afraid? Do you see any common denominators? When was the last time you were afraid of something and did it anyway?
  • Construct a worst-case scenario. When a certain situation makes you nervous, try to think of the worst thing that could realistically happen. Chances are the reality won’t be as devastating as you think, and examining the possibilities ahead of time will prepare you to avoid the pitfalls.
  • Shift your focus. When you’re confronted by a task that makes you fearful, stop and think about all the positive benefits it will produce in the end. Focus on those instead of what’s making you feel scared.
  • Try new things. At least once a month, take on a new task or accept a different responsibility. This will increase your capacity to take risks.
  • Review your risks. Look at some of the risks you’ve taken recently. Chances are, most of them turned out okay. Figure out what made them work. Think about what actions you took that ensured success, and how you can duplicate those actions and decisions in other situations.
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