July 2013
Client Service from the Inside Out- Part Two
As I continue to think about how our internal processes and procedures impact the external client experience, I realized that often it is best to see examples so that you might better share these with your team. So here are ten internal examples of poor service mentality and the way it can be experienced externally by your clients:
1) Internally there is a feeling of instability in the workplace. Your staff may lack confidence in handling client situations and therefore in turn make the clients feel insecure.
2) When your team members don’t trust one another, this may encourage “negative” competition within the team and thus establish barriers between one another, allowing for distant behavior, lacking in openness and honesty.
Turn setbacks into success
“You can’t win them all” may be a cliché, but it’s also a reality. No matter how smart you are and hard you work, you’re going to fail now and then. What counts is your ability to respond to setbacks. Whether your failures are spectacular or small, snap back with this advice:


• Be honest. Admit your mistakes to others—and to yourself. Although you may turn today’s failure into tomorrow’s opportunity, don’t pretend that it’s meaningless. Admitting the truth head on will help you move on more quickly.
• Identify the problem. Analyze your failure, looking for mistaken assumptions, missed opportunities, root causes, and even bad luck. The better you understand what happened, the more prepared you’ll be to avoid the pitfalls in the future.
• Broaden your perspective. As you study your failures and opportunities, look beyond the narrow perspective of your industry and personal history. Research widely for new ideas and perspectives so you don’t just repeat the mistakes of the past.
“Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest.”
-Ashleigh Brilliant
Mental health day? Make it count
Sometimes you need to take a “mental health day” to maintain your balance. Your health, your work, and your family will benefit if you give yourself some time off every once in a while. But if you spend your day just doing work at home, you’ll defeat your purpose. Don’t miss your chance to rejuvenate. Here’s how to energize yourself:


• Ignore errands and chores. Focus on yourself, not all the little things you need to do around the house. The dripping faucet or stack of bills will be there on the weekend, and you can fix them then. If chores are too tempting, get out of the house for several hours.
• Focus on gratitude. Turn your mind off work and onto the more meaningful things in life, such as your family, friends, and health.
• Keep the TV off. Television can prevent us from thinking and paying attention to ourselves. Simply be quiet and stay in the moment. Or pick up a book or magazine and read.
• Assess your goals. Sometimes work-related stress is a signal to pay attention to what’s lacking in your job. For example, your frustration with your current duties may mask the fact that you want a position in a different department. Think about what you want and start developing plans to pursue your goals.
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