Are you getting overwhelmed by the constant waves of bad news about our current economic situation? Are you alarmed by the news stories about law firms and layoffs?

There is some “good” news that you should keep in mind. The caseload for most personal injury law firms is not dropping. Actually it may be increasing, or at least holding steady as many people who traditionally avoid a lawsuit are realizing that it may be the only way that they can “stay afloat” financially in these turbulent waters of our economy.

While we constantly hear about our “overly litigious society”, there are many people who have real cases that are holding on to the misconception that getting the compensation they need and deserve is not a reality for them. These people, who need your help the most, don’t believe that THEY can beat the insurance companies and big corporations, even when they believe they deserve compensation.

The key is using the right message. Use your marketing to deliver the message that THEY can do it. Your message should focus on the fact that they will have the power of a proven, experienced and successful law firm on their side fighting for their rights and the benefits they deserve.

Remember, most people still believe that hiring a lawyer is a “luxury” and one that THEY can’t afford. Now is the time to remind your prospective clients that you are still there for them. It’s crucial to design your advertising and marketing strategies to deliver the message that your firm is still going strong and that your firm is a constant and stable resource to assist them in their time of need. Especially, when their other resources appear to be “drowning” in the troubled waters of our economy.

It’s also important to note, that as many law firms and other businesses are cutting their advertising budgets in a knee-jerk reaction to the current economic state, the demand for prime television airtime is on the decline and supply is on the rise. This is creating a great market for the best time slots. With a little research and negotiation, you can actually end up paying less for the best spots than your competition is paying for the less desirable spots they are trying to hold onto with their decreased budget spending.

Not only will you increase your “top of mind awareness” while your competition is “treading water” in the deep-end, you get the prime slots at a discount!

Now is your opportunity to negotiate and lock-in at a great rate. Once the economy turns and those other law firms that have cut their spending are trying to buy prime time slots again, they will be forced to do so at a higher rate. By locking in your rates now, you will continue to market your firm more effectively on smaller budget, while edging out your competition.

About the Author: Lauren Black is the President of Lawyers Marketing Agency, LLC. Lawyers Marketing Agency, LLC is a marketing agency designed for and focused solely on the effective and successful marketing of law firms throughout the US. She has presented at numerous legal marketing seminars on a variety of topics from Yellow Pages Advertising to Effective Television Media Buying.