Sometimes it feels like such an endeavor to write a full article and I know that, at times, it can feel like an endeavor to read a full article, as well. Now that technology has allowed us to interact with the world in snippets of time rather than actually have to truly engage, it appears that we all have elected to receive our information in small doses. So, as such, this article is going to be in small pieces. Here are 5 small tips to help you grow your law practice in big ways.

They’re Just Not that Into You

Remember that gorgeous girl or guy back in high school that you had a huge crush on? Remember how you always wanted to say “hi”? You knew exactly where their locker was, what classes they had, and where they lived. But alas, they didn’t seem to know you were even alive! Your perspective clients are exactly the same. In order to build the relationship, you must allow them to get to know you first. You need to introduce yourself. Then, you need to let them know who you are through your various mediums of marketing, social media, blog post, website, photos, videos, TV commercials and billboards. Make sure that all of your marketing efforts are synergized with the same message and brand. Your true nature should shine through and you should be true to yourself. You will be sure to get that “first date”!

It Takes a Village

It takes more than just you to market and develop your law firm, it takes a village. You need an online presence for sure. But, it is very important to not put all of your eggs in one basket. You should always have a brand that is carried out in all of your marketing efforts – business cards (yes, these are still marketing tools), magnets, letterhead, commercials, signage, and the list goes on! All of these messages will allow you to reach out and touch your target audience.  This will help you “raise” your firm from a small baby to a young adult!

Cross Every T, Dot Every I and Proofread Again!!!

It is imperative that you not hit send, print or mail anything without checking and rechecking your writing multiple times. I am sorry – spell-check is not an excuse for poor grammar and miss-spelled words!!!! Proofreading isn’t just necessary, it is crucial. It will enhance your business and your brand 10 fold. Good verbiage is important, but correct grammar and spelling are critical. Unless you are Einstein (and my mother never failed to remind me that I wasn’t Einstein), you must make sure you always capitalize all proper nouns, put periods at the end of sentences, and don’t have run on sentences! It could mean the difference in getting the client or winning the case, or not.

Old School Rules!

I’m borrowing this one – “what’s flat, very inexpensive and lets you brand yourself all over?” Your business card! I know– too simple. But, it’s true.  Often the most simple and old school marketing techniques are the most tried and true. Many marketing techniques have gone the way of the “magic 8 ball” since the digital dawn arrived, but not the good ol’ business card. They are dependable and resilient. They still make a statement and should never be overlooked since they are your “first impression”. Make them creative, informative and worthy of being remembered, but make sure it is consistent with your brand as it will set the stage for all upcoming conversations – it has now opened the door!