“A firm without client service is like stuffing money into a pocket full of holes” – David Tooman, Client Service Expert

This quote perfectly illustrates just how important client focus is to the success of most of America’s leading and most productive law firms.

According to a recent study, the top three reasons clients sign up with a firm are: nurtured relationships, support and service throughout the lifetime of their case/after their case closes, and work quality. And, these three factors alone account for 50 percent of why clients sign up. Through comprehensive research, the report classifies the “best of the best” law firms, and then discovers why they are more successful than their peers. With nurtured relationships and quality post-settlement support as top client service factors, we see that having extreme client and market focus is absolutely crucial. It truly is all about the client!
For outstanding sales success, organizations need to be continually investing to learn more about their client’s needs, and then training their team members to accommodate those needs.
Here are 3 ways to increase customer focus and become more like the best of the best:

  1. Use 360-degree feedback and other tools to help managing attorneys/firm administrators better understand their teams’ internal capabilities and assign the appropriate resources to the right practice areas. For example, there are various leadership surveys that can be customized to fit various organizations and gather responses from: direct reports, peers, supervisors and even clients. Managing partners/firm administrators need to know where their team members are excelling and where there is room for growth and development.
  2. Ask clients and prospective clients in-depth questions to gain a thorough understanding of their cases/needs/wants before moving forward. Again, it’s all about the client. You need to know exactly what clients are looking for and focus on satisfying their needs.
  3. Train team members to offer unique solutions to client problems rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Client service is all about relationship building. It’s important to treat each client with the special care they need and deserve before they find it somewhere else. And that is why top law firms make sure to maintain extreme client focus.

So, when you keep the client in the center of all that you do and the top of your mind, then they will do the same in return!  Keep your eye on being a client focused law firm and soon your firm will be one of “the best of the best” too!