Image is Everything
A key part of building your brand is promoting a polished and consistent image. Your image is reflected in everything that represents your business – logo, business card, packaging, tag-line, etc. To make a lasting impression, be sure every aspect of your marketing strategy mirrors that image in design, color and overall appearance.

What brands captured your attention with their name, logo or tagline?

Make your mark with your brand

Don’t be another beige house in the subdivision. Be unique! Create a brand that separates you from the rest! Let customers know who you are and what you offer by creating an image that lives in customers’ hearts and minds. Your brand should convey the values, character, and essence of your company. Share who you are on your website, social channels, and face-to-face. Become the neighborhood standout, and you’ll soon be the talk of the town.
Branding Your Business: Brand Development
By Stephen M Ramirez
From day 1 to day 60 to day 942, your business’ focus is to grow and keep on developing. At the heart of it, you strive for longevity, however companies come and go, new businesses pop up and others die everyday. What separates the ones who are around for years to come and the ones that are buried in a graveyard of broken dreams?

Simply put, your business’ identity and branding can make or break you.

Think of branding your business as a long-term goal; it is more than just a popularity contest. The effects of compelling brand marketing can make you a household name like Nike, Pepsi, or Apple. If you examine all the different aspects of these brands, you will see branding that evokes emotion and loyalty among consumers. You are not only working towards gaining exposure, but also sustaining a way of life within your brand that people can relate to.

Image is not everything, but it is over half the battle in terms of gaining ground within the hearts and minds of consumers. That is to say, standing out and giving worth to your products or services though brand development is how accomplished companies stay on top.

Furthermore, branding begins with your values and mission, but reaches every aspect of your company. Developing core values around what you stand for and how you want to be perceived is the building block of how you will go about developing your company as a brand. It is essential that every part of your identity from your logo to marketing collateral to visual perception of your brand follow the same theme in order to create a unified identity.

Developing a consistent strategy of why people want or need your product/service will not only give worth to your brand but also define the monetary value of your product. Therefore, being genuine and transparent across all outlets: website, social media, and public interaction, not only has weight but defines how people view your company. All of this works towards generating high intrinsic value and separating you from competitors by establishing you as an industry standard or premium brand.
In turn, this allows you to have more influence over the value of your product or service within the market because of your superior image. All this boils down to providing consumers with a reason to believe in you over everyone else out there.

Remember, you are building the worth of your company by thinking about the image your company projects through branding. You are defining why you exist and why others want to be a part of your existence.