I follow a lot of legal and political discussions around the U.S. It is fascinating to see how inconsistent laws can be from state to state or even city to state. There have been quite a few recent discussions related to changing workers’ compensation laws—specifically in North Carolina and Illinois. Many of the line items proposed were polar opposites. When I saw an article about cell phone usage laws in the city of Philadelphia differing from those in the state, it got me thinking about how confusing differences in the law can be for Joe Q. Public.

The reality is that inconsistency is not just a problem in the law, but in other areas as well, including marketing. For a firm trying to create a brand, a consistent message is critical. If your marketing message is inconsistent or not “on-point,” your prospective buyer can be confused or worse, driven away. The words don’t have to be the same every time, but the underlying message(s) should be and must support your brand. Indeed, all interactions you have with clients and potential clients should reflect your brand. If you advertise that your firm has the “friendliest staff east of the Mississippi,” someone phoning or emailing the firm should be greeted with a smile (and yes, your email can “smile”!).

We recommend that you take a look at your brand and the messages you are trying to communicate to clients and prospects. Look for inconsistencies or anything in the message or process that might cause confusion. And make certain that your staff is well trained to support and deliver on this message. If you have any questions about branding, get in touch by emailing lauren@lawyersmarketingagency.com.

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