You’re probably asking yourself, “What is CRM?” Is it some new social media tool that we should be using for marketing our law firm? No it isn’t the latest Apple invention to hit the market. In fact, it is a marketing tool that has been around since the very beginning of sales/marketing. Client Relationship Marketing is simply the foundation for all marketing efforts utilized today. It is the core principle that you should utilize your current clients and maximize your relationships with them in order to grow and develop your practice. CRM is focusing your time and efforts, through various fairly inexpensive means, on your current and past clients. By reaching out to and building the relationship you already have with your current and past clients you will be maximizing the number one marketing tool that you have in your toolkit.
Top 5 Reasons:

  1. Your firm already has past and current clients. They are an established and qualified base. By “preaching to the choir”, it is like speaking to a group of people who already know you and who you already know. You aren’t having to go searching for them, they’re already there!
  2. CRM is one of the “cheapest” things you can do to market your firm. You don’t have to go buy TV air time. You don’t have to go buy any lists with names or use super enticing gimmicks to get their attention. You don’t have to spend any additional monies to get their contact information because you already have it!
  3. The clients you get from returning clients or clients referred by former clients are always the best cases. They are usually pre-qualified and generally they tend to be higher “quality” cases with larger fees.
  4. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time to put together a newsletter, postcard or other CRM piece. It doesn’t require a ton of effort to “find a reason to reach out and touch someone.” Any occasion or even better, any non-occasion is a reason to reach out and touch your past and current clients!
  5. You are building your reputation as you provide useful and helpful information to them. It helps to solidify you as an expert and gives you credibility and keeps you in the top of their mind.

What is CRM all about?
CRM is about giving people what they want most – time and attention. You are simply letting your clients know that you are thinking about them at some other time than just when you are handling their case. It says you value them as a person and not just a revenue source. It allows you to build on your expertise and your range of expertise in their minds. Lastly, it keeps your information accessible to your clients (current and past) so that they can give it out when they have a random opportunity to do so.
How to use CRM?

  1. Send out a client newsletter (quarterly at a minimum). You can also do an e-newsletter (very cheaply) if a significant portion of your clients have access to email.
  2. Email cards, mailing postcards, birthday cards and other random holiday cards. Note: ALWAYS send a referral “thank You” note/card.
  3.  Books you have written or books you would recommend their reading.
  4. Personal correspondence – a handwritten “Thank You” note when you close or settle their case.
  5. Client Appreciation Day – invite clients and their families.
  6. Send them promotional items – pens, calendars, flashlights and t-shirts are great because they are also useful.

Whatever you do – just do it! You won’t be sorry!

Marketing Minute – Lauren Black

President, Lawyers Marketing Agency, LLC