YouTube Demographics & Data to Know in 2021
YouTube Can Be a Powerful Tool to Grow Your Firm. Why Not Use It? Admit it. You’ve used YouTube. Whether it’s to watch a recording of a concert, an instructional video on cooking, or a German Shephard and a deer playing in someone’s back yard, it can be a guilty pleasure and provide very practical...
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Let’s Talk Video
I am frequently asked by law firm clients whether or not they should add videos to their marketing plan. The answer is almost always yes. When given a choice not everyone picks video over the written word—I know a lot of lawyers who still print e-mail so they can have that piece of paper in...
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Can Video Help You Market Your Law Firm?
With the year-over-year increase in online activity, it makes sense for law firm marketers to look closely at options to expand the firm’s online presence. A recent “tweet” from CNN’s Twitter feed showed that for the first time ever more viewers get their news online than from radio or newspapers. Paper phone directories are rapidly...
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