I am sure you are wondering,“where on earth she is going with THIS subject?” I am making an announcement of sorts. Lawyers Marketing Agency has evolved, growing and finding ourselves in a new position. So, as we would tell our clients to do, it is time to evolve our brand to fit who we are and why we do what we do. Thus, effective September 1st, 2011, Lawyers Marketing Agency, LLC will be renamed Lawyers Marketing Associates, Inc. We are dedicated to law firm development, growth and marketing through strategic analysis and planning; from a lawyer, for law firms.

Our client’s needs reach far beyond “just marketing,” and honestly we have found over the years that we offer more than your typical agency. For some time now, we have found that the skill our clients most need is strategic analysis and planning; and that’s what we do best. Our team has the ability to see all of the holes in a law firm’s processes, procedures, marketing, management infrastructure and internal relationships. We are then able to put together a plan that fills these holes, coordinating with all of the necessary vendors and sub-contractors in order to make the plan work.

We have realized through working with our clients that marketing is more than just the incredible commercials we can produce and the wonderful media buys we put together. Truly great marketing is only effective if it takes into account the total “firm dynamic.” How is the case taken in? How is it handled once it enters the system? How quickly is it turned around? What is the client experience? Is every case treated the same? How many attorneys are there? Are there any attorneys who are about to retire? How many associates are there? What are the firm’s other marketing campaigns? Are the efforts all synergized? And the list goes on, and on……..

That’s the reason behind the name change and the new tagline. Just like Belk’s (the Southern department store), it is time for us to evolve to reflect the needs of our clients. We believe our new name reflects this change. We are a team of associates who are dedicated to firm development and growth through strategic analysis, marketing and planning. We will still offer the exceptional client service and experience we always have. We will continue to under promise and over deliver. Quality delivered with Southern hospitality and grace is who we always will be.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Lauren Black Currin at            919.637.9144       or via e-mail at lauren@lawyersmarketingagency.com.


We talk about building relationships with clients—getting closer to them and letting them know us a bit better. But when you manage a business, can you be too close to those who work for you? We’ve worked with many law firm owners and managers who believe they know their business well, including the folks who work for them. In reality, business owners can sometimes be too close to be objective.

Let’s look at an example: We recently worked with a law firm that wasn’t seeing the conversion rate they expected on incoming calls. The managing partners had no idea what the problem was or how to fix it. LMA stepped in and did an analysis of the process, including “shopping” the firm (calling in as an injured party and taking notes regarding the intake process). This independent analysis pinpointed several issues within the process itself that were causing potential clients to go elsewhere. This led to a working plan to correct the issues and improve conversion. Read more