August 2013
How Client-Focused is Your Firm?
“A firm without client service is like stuffing money into a pocket full of holes” – David Tooman, Client Service Expert
This quote perfectly illustrates just how important client focus is to the success of most of America’s leading and most productive law firms.
According to a recent study, the top three reasons clients sign up with a firm are: nurtured relationships, support and service throughout the lifetime of their case/after their case closes, and work quality. And, these three factors alone account for 50 percent of why clients sign up. Through comprehensive research, the report classifies the “best of the best” law firms, and then discovers why they are more successful than their peers. With nurtured relationships and quality post-settlement support as top client service factors, we see that having extreme client and market focus is absolutely crucial. It truly is all about the client!

Read this: How to get more from the printed word

Successful people never stop learning. They go to conferences and seminars, talk to experts, keep an eye on the Internet—but mostly they read voraciously. Books, articles, and journals (print or online) are the basic building blocks of knowledge, so learning to read and comprehend material effectively is a crucial success strategy. To get more from each word, read this advice:
• Define your purpose. Before opening a book or clicking on an article link, think about what you expect to learn from it. This will help you quickly determine whether the work is worth your time as you’re reading.
• Set some goals. Decide how many pages you want to read in one sitting, or how much time you want to devote to the piece. Short bursts are usually best. You can always change your mind, but you’ll be less distracted if you have a specific time or page count in mind.
• Read when you’re fresh. Try to schedule your reading early in the day, when you’re rested and alert. If that’s impossible, at least try to set aside some time when you won’t be falling asleep or unable to concentrate.
• Monitor your comprehension. Every once in a while, stop and think about what you’ve just read. How much do you remember? How much do you understand? If you’re having trouble answering either question, you may need to take a break or find something that holds your attention better.
“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”
Man with his dog
August 26th is National Dog Day
Take some time to appreciate the love and value that dogs bring to our daily lives, and do your bit for homeless and abused dogs of the world.

Click here for 50 ideas for how you can celebrate man’s best friend on August 26th.
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