April 2013

Just for Today OR for Tomorrow & Beyond? Living a Legacy


Once again I am overcome with the thought that time is passing by like a blink of an eye! With this in mind I started thinking about why we all do what we do and how we do it. Take a moment and imagine a thousand years from now. There is an archeologist at a dig site which is your current day work site. What will they find there that will be significant? Will there be any clues there as to what you did? How about just a year from now? Is there anything you are doing that will be considered even significant a year from now? Two? Will anyone else even think you have done anything is significant?
man gardening

April is National Gardening Month


As the weather warms up, take some time to get outside and get your hands dirty. Gardeners know that nurturing plants is good for us: Our attitudes toward health and nutrition improve, kids who garden do better in school, and community gardens help community spirit grow. Join your family and neigh­bors to help make America greener, healthier, and more livable.
Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.”

—Ronald Reagan



Delegate for success


Delegation is more than a matter of just saying to an employee, “Do this.” To get good results, keep this advice in mind:

  • Set clear standards. When you delegate a task or project, explain to your employees what the final product should look like, and what it shouldn’t. This will give them a sense of direction and purpose and give you the confidence that their work will be satisfactory.
  • Train people appropriately. Delegating tasks to employees who aren’t thoroughly trained for them is a surefire recipe for failure. Find out where your employees are in terms of the skills they need, and get them the training required to help them succeed.
  • Step back. Give the employee a chance to do the work without hovering over them. Build their confidence by acknowledging their skills as you give them the assignment; praise them again when they complete it successfully. This will help employees feel more comfortable the next time you have a job to delegate.
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