Client based referrals can help any lawyer build a successful practice. But there’s a larger audience out there that doesn’t know any of your existing clients and doesn’t have any idea who you are and wants to find an attorney by searching online. Here are six ways for lawyers to use digital marketing to get noticed.

1. Establish a Digital Profile

You should create a strong profile about who you are and your area of expertise and post it across the different directory sites that serve as resources for people looking for lawyers. This will put you directly in front of clients seeking attorneys with your specific skills. Some of those sites might include SuperLawyers, Justia and AVVO.

2. Be an Expert

Those same legal directory sites have features that allow visitors to ask legal questions and get answers from an attorney. While answering the questions is an additional investment in time, it establishes you as an authority in your specialty. Additionally, you may elect to write an article for these sources. This will help establish you as an expert for both potential clients and referral sources.

3. Post a Video

The YouTube generation is accustomed to searching out videos when they want information. Feature a video on your website that features you talking about both “who” you are and your expertise and services. A video gives potential clients the chance to see you and hear you so they feel like they’ve already met you. It will also allow you include some short videos of satisfied customers endorsing your work. This may also have the added benefit of helping with your Google rankings!

4. Be a Blogger

Add a blog to your website so you have an opportunity to post your thoughts about legal issues. This is also an additional investment of time that is not billable, so think of short posts or short introductions that link out to legal cases and issues. You can also have your internet marketing company assist you with this part of your online campaign. Check out our blog for an example.

5. Succeed in Social Media

You don’t have to be a teenager with a phone glued to your palm to succeed in social media. If it’s overwhelming to invest in to many various platforms, investigate one that is the best fit for you and do that one well. One will be better than none!

6. Send an Email

Make sure you have your client’s email addresses and add to them throughout the year so you can send periodic short, e-newsletters and e-blasts. It will help you remain top-of-mind when they or their friends/family have legal issues. It may also help with referrals from colleagues.

Lawyers can use digital marketing tools to build recognition and attract new business. But it also requires an investment of time. A busy lawyer may want to consider outsourcing social media and blog posts as well as email communication. You need to focus on helping your clients. Let the experts help you!