Modern customers now have superpowers, have you altered your customer service match? Technology has changed customer service both in how we sell and how customers want us to sell to them.

It’s normal for customers to use the Internet and social media to inform their buying decisions, but smart touchpoints have also begun to shape their values. Smart touchpoints are avenues like social media that allow customers the opportunity to pro-actively respond. They take customer service to a new level beyond traditional one-sided touchpoints like print advertisements or salespeople that must first seek out the customer.

New “super-powered customers can tell the difference between a company that lies, and one that is trustworthy.” According to an article by Bruce Kasanoff and Michael Hinshaw, modern customers have developed six main superpowers.

These superpowers make customers:

All-knowing- Expect that your customers will know more than you, or at least think they do. It’s not too far from the truth because the Internet gives them access to multitudes of social and pricing knowledge within an instant.
Multilingual- Globalization of brands in the modern day can mean catering to different cultures and languages within every venue. You can now reach more customers than ever, but be careful of how they might translate your message.
Omnipresent– Customers can now monitor your brand and organization at any time of day. Even if you’re not at the office, they are still keeping tabs on the latest news and innovations by using notifications and applications.
Insightful- A pattern one customer notices can go viral quickly. Being clever isn’t necessary for every customer as long as a customer can research the latest insights immediately.
Ultra-aware- Customers have not lost touch with the real world but have added the Internet reality as another layer in their consumer experience.
Supersensitive– Something is always happening in the world of modern customers. This applies to both physical sensors and signs customers interact with every day, but also changes they can now spot occurring across the globe.

Because companies have invaded the lives of customers with social media, they must be aware of how the super customer will respond. The rise of smart touchpoints can work to your disadvantage or advantage depending on how you handle them. How can you effectively engage with super-powered customers?

  1. Separate innovation from creativity
    The new super-powered customers know when you’re trying too hard. Remember that “not all bright ideas are innovative, even if they appear to be creative.” An article by Debra Kaye and Jure Klepic highlighted the need to be a game-changer. Your clever sales campaign might impress a customer, but customers will see past too much creativity as a sham if there is no substance to back it up. Show customers why they need your product or service, not just what makes it different.
  2. Stop taking customer loyalty for granted
    Omnipresent customers will be quick to move on to the next big thing. Your company has to react just as quickly. This means your customer might not be willing to put up with tedious steps like having “to enter their account numbers three times in a row.” They’re ready to move on to the company if yours is still stuck in the past and not innovating fast enough. Insightful and all-knowing customers probably even have an idea already of what the next big thing is. These disruptive forces can help you if your company chooses to respond by being more innovative. Find who can influence your customers and use them to engage with smart touchpoints.
  3. Stay involved and informed
    Modern sales means straddling the fine line that creates “involvement instead of annoyance.” Since smart touchpoints allow customers to respond, take advantage of that to build relationships. You can now either know your customers better than ever or annoy them better than ever. Be innovative with both message content and form. Otherwise, ultra-aware customers will tire of you quickly.

Companies and organizations that use smart touchpoints correctly have learned to use super powers of their own. By plugging into the same super powers that you will find in your customers, you can focus on innovation and strengthening customer loyalty.

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