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Lawyers Marketing Associates, Inc (LMA) is dedicated to law firm development, growth and marketing through strategic analysis and planning.


Law Firm Marketing Solutions

Integrated Management & Marketing Solutions for Lawyers

Strategic planning solutions and research that will redefine and refocus your strategy.

Our history in working in the marketing and legal fields led to a realization that there is a need for a client focused company to assist lawyers in managing and marketing their firms through analysis and strategic planning.

Lawyers Marketing Associates offers a family of integrated, customizable solutions for growing your law firm. Maybe you’ve decided your current law firm marketing strategy isn’t working. Lawyers Marketing Associates offers strategic planning solutions and research that will redefine and refocus your strategy.

Whether you need help with a new brochure or a full rebranding with a new website and e-campaign, Lawyers Marketing Associates can help.

Or maybe your law firm has had trouble implementing your marketing plan. Lawyers Marketing Associates offers client kits, books, TV commercials, websites, pay-per-click, direct mail or email campaigns, and our new Spotlight on the Law television news show. Lawyers Marketing Associates will work with you to identify opportunities and take action to meet your law firm growth goals.

Our Marketing Services

Our offerings include:

Firm Development

Lawyers Marketing Associates provides a suite of services to help your firm become more efficient and serve clients better, including:

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strategic planning

Strategic planning is essential to your success marketing your law firm.

From competitive market research to focus groups to our LMA Strategic Planning Survey, Lawyers Marketing Associates will work with you to set your law firm’s strategic plan on the track to success.

brand identity

A brand is more than just a logo. Your brand tells clients and potential clients who you are and what your law firm has to offer.

Lawyers Marketing Associates offers law firm branding tools as well as creative and production services to ensure you are positioned to succeed.

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Law Firm Web Marketing

interactive marketing

Lawyer marketing plans should include the steps your law firm plans to take to drive visitors to your website.

Lawyers Marketing Associates offers flexible and expandable managed web hosting solutions with the option to have LMA manage copy writing and site content review, online advertising, and more to make your branding and marketing efforts successful.