Marketing & Advertising for Attorneys
Lawyers Marketing Associates, Inc (LMA) is dedicated to law firm development, growth and marketing through strategic analysis and planning.

Interactive Marketing

Law firm marketing is highly competitive and you must have a solid online presence as part of your marketing plan. Your law firm website must be interactive and informative, as well. New content must be added and existing content kept fresh for you to be competitive. Is your website easy to navigate? Does it contain content viewers will find valuable? Is the site optimized on the keywords you have chosen?

Lawyer marketing plans should include the steps your law firm plans to take to drive visitors to your website.

Lawyers Marketing Associates offers flexible and expandable managed web hosting solutions with the option to have LMA manage copy writing and site content review, online advertising, and more to make your branding and marketing efforts successful:

  • Websites & Blogs. The content on your site engages readers, informs them about your business and, ultimately, determines whether they will trust you to fill their needs. We provide you with the highest quality content, design and optimization, so that your website and blog draw in an audience and convert them into clients.
  • Social Media. Social media marketing has become essential for businesses of all types, though the approach needed to launch a successful campaign is far from boilerplate. In the legal field, social media campaigns need to be professional and engaging, as they will serve to bring traffic to your website and raise awareness of your firm.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Not only do you need a website that attracts the attention and interest of readers, you will also need to optimize the site so that it meets the demands of search engines. When users browse search engines to find answers to their questions or to find services that meet their needs, they often start their quest on a search engine. We increase your visibility on these search engines, ensuring that more people will visit and interact with your website.
  • Email Marketing. By using email as a central part of your outreach, you can engage your audience directly from their inboxes. Email marketing is vital to maximizing the reach of your message, and it can be used to expand both your referral network and your client base. These campaigns are one of the most successful and direct forms of online marketing.
  • Online Advertising and PPC. Pay-per-click advertising enables your firm to reach a higher number of users, refine your understanding of your audience‚Äôs preferences and helps users discover who you are and what you offer. While PPC campaigns often facilitate the first step a person will take in the journey of becoming a client, they are also a key tool to reaching those who have already used your website, through a process called remarketing, furthering them down the path of becoming clients. We build PPC campaigns to target users who will be most likely to need your services and offer them powerful messages that prompt engagement with your website.

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