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Client Relationship Management & Marketing

Client Relationship Management (CRM) is the foundation for managing relationships with customers and prospects today, but at Lawyers Marketing Associates we say it goes one step further to include Marketing – making it CRM&M.

The core principle of CRM&M is that you should maximize your relationships with your current law firm clients in order to grow and develop your practice.

Research proves that marketing to an existing law firm client is less expensive than converting ‘cold’ leads to new clients. Law firms that market to those you have worked with the in past or to individuals who have expressed a prior interest in the firm see more repeat business and client referrals than law firms who do not. Potential referrals to your law firm can come from current clients, past clients, those who have contacted you in the past but not become a client, and professional referral sources. Keeping your law firm’s name in front of this group is an effective marketing technique.

By reaching out to and building on existing relationships with your law firm, you will be maximizing the number one marketing tool in your lawyer marketing toolkit. To help toward this end, Lawyers Marketing Associates offers the following CRM&M services:

  • Law firm client kits
  • Newsletters
  • E-Newsletters
  • Holiday and birthday cards (hard copy and e-versions)
  • Texting campaigns
  • Postcards
  • Logo items for gifts
  • Public and community relations