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Lawyers Marketing Associates, Inc (LMA) is dedicated to law firm development, growth and marketing through strategic analysis and planning.

Strategic Planning

lma-edisonStrategic planning is essential to your success marketing your law firm.
Lawyers Marketing Associates offers the perfect combination of business development and legal marketing expertise to help grow your firm. From a lawyer, for lawyers. From competitive market research to focus groups to our LMA Strategic Planning Survey, Lawyers Marketing Associates will work with you to set your law firm’s strategic plan on the track to success. Our strategic planning offerings include:

  • The LMA Strategic Planning Survey utilizes a series of proprietary questions developed specifically for law firms to help you determine where you are and where you need to be with your efforts to grow your law firm.
  • Market and competitive research enables you to understand who your primary competitors are and where they are focusing their law firm marketing efforts.
  • Focus groups provide a clear view of what current or potential clients think about your law firm. When this information is obtained by an unbiased third-party, it provides an accurate view of what you are doing right and where improvements might be needed.

Lawyers Marketing Associates provides a variety of customized strategic planning and research tools designed to fit your law firm’s particular needs. We are committed to work with only one firm per legal practice area in each TV market during our partnership.

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