This information comes directly from a November 9, 2010 memo from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Office of Financial Management. To read the original memo, click here.  

The required submission of liability insurance (including self-insurance) initial claim reports has been changed from the first calendar quarter of 2011 to the first calendar quarter of 2012 for all liability insurance (including self-insurance) TPOC amounts with no ORM involvement. Liability insurance (including self-insurance) ORM reporting is not subject to this delay.

Liability insurance (including self-insurance) TPOCs must be reported if the TPOC Date is on or after 10/1/2011.

•  The current rule requiring reporting of NGHP TPOC Dates of 10/1/2010 has been changed to 10/1/2011 but only for liability insurance (including self-insurance) TPOCs. 
•  The reporting date requirements for TPOC Dates of 10/1/2010 and subsequent associated with no-fault insurance or workers’ compensation claims remain unchanged. 
•  The reporting date requirements as documented in the User Guide for all NGHP ORM remain unchanged. 
•  Initial Claim Input Files for reportable claims are still due during the RRE’s assigned file submission timeframe for the first calendar quarter of 2011. RREs that have reportable claims must commence production reporting in first calendar quarter 2011 and then include liability insurance (including self-insurance) TPOC reporting in the first calendar quarter of 2012 for TPOC Dates of 10/1/2011 and subsequent. 

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LinkedIn has just added a new tab where you can promote practice areas and services. Be sure to add yours!


Twitter has just rolled out a “push” notifications feature. You can sign up to be notified via SMS whenever someone mentions your name (@NAME) in their post. Only available right now for iPhone and Blackberry.  



Thanksgiving is the time of year for remembering our blessings and spending time with family. This year I will add my wedding to Michael to my list of blessings. Michael and I are getting married the day after Thanksgiving at our farm in Oxford in front of our families. 

During the holiday and our celebration, Lawyers Marketing Agency will be open Monday and Tuesday the week of Thanksgiving. LMA is also open the week of November 29th, but please direct any correspondence to Jeanne Frazer or Mary Ann(            919.850.0605      ) as Michael and I will be on our honeymoon. 

The LMA family wishes you and your family the best this Thanksgiving.