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[caption id="attachment_1172" align="alignleft" width="266"] What Does Your Firm Name Say About You?[/caption] Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced to one of the finest and most exemplary law firms in the state of Connecticut (if not in the whole nation).  To say they are one of the top law firms with regards to client experience that I have EVER come in contact with is truly not an over statement.  When I first spoke with the managing partner and the partner in charge of operations I was gravely concerned about how the project I was being...

When I wrote my last article, it talked about law firm development and was designed to be an introduction to taking the long hard look at yourself and your firm.  I was asking you to open your eyes and open your mind to the prospect that you might need to have some “fierce conversations” with yourself about you and your firm, reality vs. perception and then begin to work on changing the things that didn’t match-up.  This article is about how to take that long look in the mirror and make the most of it. The...