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The thought of putting a baseball field in the middle of nowhere and having fans come, like in the movie Field of Dreams, is like it used to be with websites. Everyone was rushing to put their “brochure” online in the form of an informational law firm website on the internet. Fear of not having a site was palpable. New businesses popped up overnight and got rich creating sites for business owners who did not have the time or skills to do the work themselves.   It seems that with every new technology there is a groundswell...

[caption id="attachment_1172" align="alignleft" width="266"] What Does Your Firm Name Say About You?[/caption] Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced to one of the finest and most exemplary law firms in the state of Connecticut (if not in the whole nation).  To say they are one of the top law firms with regards to client experience that I have EVER come in contact with is truly not an over statement.  When I first spoke with the managing partner and the partner in charge of operations I was gravely concerned about how the project I was being...

[caption id="attachment_1168" align="alignleft" width="300"] Have You Thought About Your Firm's "Experience" Lately?[/caption] I know you’ve heard me use the words “client experience” so much that you’re probably thinking, Lauren do you know any other words?  The answer is “NO”.  For me (and should be for you), “client experience” is THE cornerstone of everything that you do in your practice.  Or, it should be.  It should be the focus of every decision you make with regards to your strategic planning, your marketing plan, your budgeting, EVERYTHING.  Your firm is nothing without clients, therefore your firm is nothing...

[caption id="attachment_1168" align="alignleft" width="300"] Have You Thought About Your Firm's "Experience" Lately?[/caption] Recently I found myself in a very unusual situation.  I found myself as the patient and potentially the client in a medical malpractice law suit.  So, in order to make a very long story short, suffice it to say, my perspective and my life have been VERY different for the past month.  It has been very much like some of the scenes from the movie, “The Doctor”, with William Hurt, a sleeper that came out in the early 90’s where Hurt was forced, after...

This week is National Public Health Week in the U.S. Various agencies combine efforts to promote safety and injury prevention. Organizations focused on children's safety play a big role in these education efforts. Many law firms also dedicate time and effort to educating the public regarding safety issues. These attorneys have seen some of the lasting effects caused by catastrophic accidents and many work to ensure the public is made aware of recalls and other safety information that can prevent future incidents. A friend of mine, Annie Reynolds, is a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia and is...

Despite the gloomy economic outlook, there is some “good” news that you should keep in mind. The caseload for most personal injury law firms is not dropping....