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Lawyers Marketing Associates, Inc (LMA) is dedicated to law firm development, growth and marketing through strategic analysis and planning.

Client Service & Experience

Client service and experience are more important than ever in this day and time. Modern clients expect faster and more convenient service than any generation before, and many times clients don’t know what is involved in completing legal work.

Focusing on communication and client experience can help put your firm ahead of your competition.

Benchmarking yourself against other service-based industries can help give you a clear picture of where your firm stands.

Many times, our analytical skills that are developed as a lawyer can actually get in the way when it comes to client service and client experience. When your client runs into an issue with what they perceive to be a customer service issue, you have to approach these situations with empathy and put yourself in your client’s shoes – it will help diffuse the situation every time and create fans of your firm and your brand.

Lawyers Marketing Associates can help you develop your client service experience through developing Processes and Procedures, helping measure and improve efficiency through KPIs, and implementing NPS evaluations to help gauge your client experience.