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I was talking to a client the other day and we were discussing the implementation of yet another “client satisfaction survey”.  This would not have been their first appeal to their clients for feedback regarding their level of service, but their third!  And, yet one more opportunity for a set of potentially disappointing results ~ UGH!  So, I begin to think.  What could be causing this less than desirable level of client service and this history of low client satisfaction? And, more importantly why weren’t they able to turn this pattern around? Were they really...

I was sitting here thinking about an article I need to write and Casey Reagan, our Director of Operations sent me an article to read.  Now of course I probably got nothing from it that she intended, but it did make me think, so here goes.  With the recent “hacking in” situation off passwords at Gmail and LinkedIn, crisis and issues, trauma and DRAMA are all relative, for several reasons, 1) are they happening in your life, 2) are they happening to you personally, 3) are they truly a big deal – life, death, financial...

Remember the Saturday Night Live skit “Coffee Talk” where Mike Myers played “Linda Richman”, a stereotypical middle-aged Jewish woman?  She would tell her viewers that she was feeling “verklempt” and to “talk amongst themselves.” I sometimes find myself feeling the same way—overwhelmed with the great task of managing a business and needing to stop and gather my plans before charging ahead. Recently I was feeling this way and a very wise person (they know who they are) advised me to seek out some contemporaries, other small business folks like myself, with whom I might discuss...

As I continue to think about internal perspective and how it impacts the external client experience, I realized that often it is best to see examples so that you might better share these with your team.  So here is Part Two of this “thought process”.  These are some internal examples of poor service mentality and how that is experienced externally. Internally there is a feeling of instability in the workplace, your staff may lack confidence in handling client situations and therefore they in turn make the clients feel insecure. When your team members don’t trust one another,...

WEIGH IN: What brands captured your attention with their name, logo or tagline?   Do Your Customers Get Emotional About Your Brand? To differentiate your brand from your competitors it should bring out an emotional response such as trust, humor, or achievement. These emotions associate positive experiences with your company. That emotional tie builds loyalty and inspires your customers to tell their friends about you and your products or services. Image is Everything A key part of building your brand is promoting a polished and consistent image. Your image is reflected in everything that represents your business - logo, business card,...

In past articles, we showed you how to advertise your website when people search Google using terms that are related to your firm.  In today’s article we are going to show you how to do the same when people search Bing and Yahoo search engines. What Are Bing Ads? Bing Ads is the advertising platform you use to show ads on the Bing and Yahoo search engines – also referred to as Yahoo Bing Network. You also have the ability for your ads to show on their syndicated partners such as Facebook, Amazon, Monster, WebMD, CNBC, and...

I must admit it was hard to start thinking about 2014 in early December of 2013, but it is time!  So, I decided that the best way to prepare was to offer up a few tips that might help you jump start your law firm’s marketing efforts.  The fortunate things about these tips are that you can start implementing them now, or like many of us, you can procrastinate and start them in the New Year J!  Either way, start them and I promise they will give your firm great results! 1) Build a real email...

There are truly only a few sporting events that where even the most non-involved and clueless become true diehards. March Madness is one of those, but only when referring to “the whole grail” – the bracket pool. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t fill out a bracket (some more than one, or maybe even 2)! Even I, who hates, betting or competing will at least guess and fill one out!  The real issue becomes, how do you put together a WINNING bracket? Here are a few tips from a novice, but that I have understood...

Are you an average social networker? If so, you have about 229 Facebook friends, according to a recent Pew study, Social Networking Sites and Our Lives. Just who are these “friends?” The average list includes: • High school friends: 22 percent • Extended family:12 percent • Co-workers:10 percent • College friends: 9 percent • Immediate family: 8 percent • Voluntary groups: 7 percent • Neighbors: 2 percent And chances are you trust these people, and people in general. The study found that “a Facebook user who uses the site multiple times per day is 43 percent more likely than other Internet users and more than...